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11-27-2004, 11:09 PM
Here is something that will make all hunters sick..
This is posted here because it is mule deer related.
Start it off with this. You spend money to win a raffle for a super tag and spend money to travel out to Idaho to hunt after winning a mule deer tag. Only to take a huge buck of a lifetime and have a envious little pr@#$ call you in for poaching and get a Federal Officer show up at your house to confiscate the horns and have 8 F&G cops show up at your Taxidermist to take the hide that you where planning on having a full body mount done. ALL on anonymous phone call.
That 218 big buck I posted last month this happened to that buck and hunter. What does this say about Idaho Fish & Game? Just a phone call. Some little piece of sh@# that sits in a little hole and was mad his little peon of a buck was no match for this true monster of a buck. Got to pout because there are true hunters out there that scout and will put there good friend on monster bucks instead of whining because they cant get off there 4 wheelers or out of there trucks to find the big ones of there dreams.
The other thing that gets me is this. They went into my friends place of business which is his livelyhood and makes a new customer sit in there truck till they have gone. The F&G officers did this. Made my friend lose business or potential business from rumors that will fly. The total disrespect from F&G and total unprofessional courtesy they did not show towards him. All over a phone call. I hear rumors fly on almost every big buck but there is no evidence just a phone call. It makes me worried to keep trying for big ones. Because if F&G can attack this then what happens if they go to someone that doesnt have the means to fight back. Meaning money. I feel the CAP program is good but to wait or not to act on a call or to have no other evidence than just saying whatever. There has to be a medium here and not someone that is envious or jealous of a buck. When will it stop when someone who hunt hard or just happens to be in the right place at the right time gets called in. F&G wants to make money off these tags and wants to make more but to go after a hunter that has spent alot of money for the SUPER TAG and spends money to come here and the money he spent while here. I would be a little nervous of coming to Idaho to hunt trophy animals.
But this irks every sense in me. I for one would bust someones jaws if they came out and told me they called any of these guys in. I would vouch for my friends Dad 100%. He has more knowledge than most people I know of mule deer in the units he goes into. But to make up stories is BS.
Sorry to go on but the F&G has showed me again very unprofessional and disrespectful towards what there job should be.

Brant Buster
11-28-2004, 02:41 PM
If everything happened the way it was explained above.

My comments /questions are this:

What's to keep a treehugging / environazi from calling in a bogus phone call to "jackpot" a law-abiding neighbor who hunts and fishes? If that VINDICTIVE and COWARDLY "environmentalist" decides to resort to such dirty tricks compounded by an agency that doesn't check the validity of the "complaint!" Oh well ........

It could also be a disgruntled poacher or other piode-vindictive neighbor doing the same thing! Or your kid's classmate, ex-girlfriend or spouse, etc., etc., etc.

We just witnessed an incredibly ugly and vindictive election a month ago. One party I found to be more VINDICTIVE and ugly in the dirty tricks they used than I've ever seen or heard about before (yeah I'm biased!, but my party also won too.)

The tactics you described above Supersider, remind me of the many clandestine and "revenge" tricks that the loosing party used right here in WA state - that didn't do them any good last month! But they didn't think twice about using!

I can't remember ALL the stories I heard or read from the papers, the radio, television or aquaintences who knew people who had campaign signs stolen from "inside their yards" in broad daylight by older adults!

In fact your story "smacks" of other stories where a drug bust might be launched on an unsuspecting law-abiding folks - that started with one simple anonimous phone call that was wrong!!

And no drugs were found.

But maybe the home was still trashed and destroyed. The people there roughed up, the children terrorized and the wife often embarressed - being night-time and (often) scantily clad. Etc., etc., etc.

Donald Scott (think that was his first name), founder and CEO of Scott Paper, was "accidently" killed by a part-time cowboy sheriff's deputy in such a bogus raid!

Scott's infant child nearly drowned in a bathtube while unattended, when Scott's wife was yanked away from bathing her baby and handcuffed.


I'm also thinking that hunters lucky enough to bag a trophey animal need to NOT brag about it! I was taught as a small boy to NEVER discuss what guns were owned by my folks and in the house, or jewelry, cash, and other items a crook would steal.

But besides keeping my hunting successes "discrete," it might be a good idea to keep records for the future inquiries from cops it would appear. To lawfully possess sheep mounts, bobcats and cougars in some states, and other "rare trophies - one also has to possess the correct permits and paperwork.

Your thread here makes me think keeping records of a hunt, how a permit was acquired/bought and receipts from a taxidermist might be important to keep safe in the right place for possible future reference AND PROOF!

Am I paranoid? Probably a little bit! ;) :rolleyes:

11-28-2004, 03:13 PM
Hey Sider......

I don't understand....... Why would the F&G get that invovled? I can't get them moving when I show them the evidence!

11-28-2004, 03:50 PM
Roy I have no clue. Guess it could be who you know. This is not the first incident.
This is a B&C buck which from what I understand is a Fed crime. Some act or something. We will find out whats up with this.
My brother ran into a F&G officer while hunting today and he asked about it and the F&G cop told him it was shot in unit 45 during a muzzleloader hunt they have found the exact spot where the pics where taken and the gut pile there they will run DNA on pile and on the horns confiscated. Well reg's show a 45 hunt rifle and Muzzleloader hunt in all of unit 45. The unit is not split up. I thought super tag is for any open hunt. This buck was taken on 10-27. So what other story can come out?
Rumors rumors rumors.

Brant Buster
11-28-2004, 08:30 PM
This thread is confusing to understand! What gives?

Did the fellow who killed the huge buck do everything by-the-book required by the hunting regs? Or violate a state game law?

And if I understand you Supersider, are you saying the taking of a Boone & Crockett buck with a muzzleloader is a federal (or state) crime?

Please clarify. :rolleyes:

11-28-2004, 09:13 PM
Yes it was taken legally.
Who knows what gives with this.
No someone mentioned on another site some act or law that states something about if it is a trophy animal is a fed law. I dont understand it at all.
I just know the guy who found the buck last year and had a friend draw a super tag and came out and they found it and shot it.
Will have to find out after the dust clears on this on what F&G will do.

Brant Buster
11-29-2004, 12:04 AM
But some good lessons already learned nonetheless ......

My first post undoubtably was paranoid to some, but I can see from the "hypothetical possibilities" expressed thus far that liberal tree-hugging, pro-PETA, pro-earth liberation front-types who want to "jackpot" sportsmen and sportswomen might resort to psy-ops type tactics saying and doing things to embarrass us and wasting our time - and the time and resources of the various wildlife management departments throughout the country.

When my dad was on active duty in the Navy in the late nineteen-seventies, it wasn't uncommon for bogus bomb threats to be called into the base my dad was assigned to get everyone running around in circles and evacuating the work place unnecessarily. My dad was stationed at NAS Pensacola at the time, the same base that took the brunt of Hurricane Ivan's rath just past.

I'd like to think the FBI and NCIS finally found and dealt with the bogus bomb callers, but my dad had moved on to his next assignment by that time.

More and more people seem to think "anything goes" when trying to get their way or mess their opponents or anyone who legitamately disagrees with them.

May we live in interesting times! :mad: :rolleyes:

12-07-2004, 12:40 PM
I just got here and found this. I think it's pretty disturbing that someone can just come in and take your deer because of some "report'. Is there any new news about this?????

12-08-2004, 08:53 PM
Nothing Muleystalker. They said it could be up to a year out on this.

12-16-2004, 11:57 AM
It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. Could be a case of "sour grapes" or jealousy. Keep us posted. grayghost

300 RUM
12-18-2004, 09:33 PM
This happens more than you would imagine.

A close family friend for many years went out snowmobileing with his two sons. They all had either a 22 rifle or 22 pistol with them. They were riding just out of town on an old canal service road. They came across a small herd of elk, most were dead but a few were barely alive. Concerned they call the Utah Div. of wildlife, who promptly showed up and arrested all three of them. They also confiscated all 3 firearms, all three snowmobiles, the trailer and his truck. they were released from jail the next day after posting about $5,000 in bail.

A very very very long story short after over a dozen court appearances and over 10 months his property was returned. The guns were all rusted and the blueing ruined, all three snowmobiles needed repair work from "accidental handleing damages" and not even an apology. The investigation concluded that the elk had been run to death by some dogs from a nearby farm. This information was reported two days after thier arrest by more than four eye witnesses.

Sorry to say I doubt I will ever call a DWR to report anything, after seeing what happen to the most upstanding, honest and downright nicest guy I have ever met

Id Elkoholic
03-25-2005, 09:24 PM
I think I know where your buddy screwd up supersider. If he shot it in durring the muzzleloader hunt in unit 45 the boundry for that is south of the two pole power line. If he was north of the two pole power line he may have screwed up.

06-10-2005, 05:28 PM
Two more quick and dirty IDF&G stories...one good, one bad..I drew a trophy unit permit in the mid 1990's and had the good fortune to drop a monster in the bottom of a real hole. Called two buds, we packed it out on our backs next day AFTER I called a local outfitter who declined the job as he had just taken the shoes off his horses. Two days later I get a polite call from IDF&G inquiring as to the meat - did I pack it out? I gave the name of the officer who checked me in the field, and sent them a photocopy of the meat shop receiving ticket...never heard another word. Another false "anonomyous" call.
Another bud, serious elkoholic, bought a spendy out of state tag, spent a bundle researching, interviewed almost everyone working for IDF&G looking for a big bull. He was dogged by rumours of a lot of wolf activity and poor success, but listened to the IDF&G bio who repeatedly assured him there were tons of elk an no wolf problem. He has very good mules, packed into the Chamberlain basin (one of O'Connor's haunts) 14 miles...opening day bugled, called in an entire wolf pack. Same story different drainage and pack day two. Moved camp another 7 miles further in, repeated story. Saw one 5 pt bull in an outfitters camp and two cows in 14 days hunting. You should have seen the letter he wrote to IDF&G. With this behaviour, and no bonus points, it's easy for me to take my time and money and go somewhere else.

06-14-2005, 11:25 PM
Amazing how some of these "arrests" have been allowed to continue past the first Judge. I guess it proves some Judges are just ignorant about wildlife laws and depend upon the "truthfulness" of the arresting Officer. Gives the good guys a bad name. I hear more bad things about Idaho G&F than any other western State. Too bad; Idaho's people are some of the best. grayghost

06-27-2005, 08:49 PM
well the ones that arent some of best just might be some of the best people out there. but they make bad dicisions and could spend the 22 years in prision,

pretty sure you know what im talking about.?


06-27-2005, 10:08 PM
I must just be lucky cuz all the FnG officials I've run into have been real cool. Always quick with a tip or trail for the bigguns.