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02-11-2005, 07:27 PM
have you guys seen leupolds new reticle with dots set to you rifle/load.

looks like premier reticles reticle or maybe it is.

02-24-2005, 10:26 AM
Are you talking about the ones that the custom shop does? The only problem I see with it, for me, is that the crosshair has to be a 200 yd zero and the one dot above is the 100 yd zero. For me, rather than spend the extra money to get a custom reticle which you have to know your ballastics for anyhow, I perfer to keep that money and use the standard mildot type set up and use the crosshair for a 435 yd zero. With a 300 Tommy shooting 240SMK's at around 3010 fps at 1300 elevation, that means the second dot above the crosshair, I can sight in for 100 yds and the first mildot above is somewhere around 300 and the crosshair is at 435 yds. That gives me the mildots below the crosshair for my 560, 660 760 , 850 and top of post is 935 yd zero before I have to touch any of the clicks on the scope. Now altitude, type of bullet, bc, velocity and all those other things come into consideration. But heck if you have to know your gun and where it shoots to give them the information to place the dots anyhow, why not put that money in a better mildot scope and do it this way. Matter of fact you could make your very top dot your 100yd zero or any combination thereof. I never thought there was a big deal if a dot means 300 yds or 325 anyhow. Who says the aiming points have to be even yardages? Besides with either scope if you change guns or bullets, the representative yardage changes for the dots. But that's just me. :D :D

02-24-2005, 08:06 PM
im only wanting to shoot to the 500-600yd mark. your tommy is capable to alot further than that.

i dont know what to do realy, a milldot would be cheaper. i could just zero at 100yds and then figure out where the dots land after that.

im ready to get scope for my 22/250 ive got my balistic pretty well worked out but im haveing a hard time decideing what to do.

i even had the scope i wanted all figure out the 8-25 loe, but now im thinking i might drop down to 6-18 leo so i can get into a reticle set to my load for alittle less than what the 8-25 will cost with a target dot.

but i want 50 mm bell on this scope. dont care for tall caps. but the 6-18 isnt the most appealing over all.

02-25-2005, 03:52 PM
I guess I'm a little confused about why you think you need a 8-25 for if you are only shooting at 600 yds. Of course I do not know the size of your target at that distance. It may require that magnification. I'm assuming that it's varmits of some kind, talking about a 22/250. I probably wouldn't be much help in your selection because our use varies. Never mind the caliber but looking at optics and clarity on most days I'm not above 20 power anyhow. Now on a cold winter day, I may get to 22 or something but I don't believe I've had my 8.5x25x50 LR maxed out for a shot. On the other hand, I have a Zeiss 3.5 x10x 44 that I can comfortably shoot grounhogs out to around 750/800 yds. But that's my eyes and where I shoot. I personally believe that something in the 4.5/5 x 15 is just about the perfect all around scope. For both big game and varmits. But like I said my varmits are 8 lbs to 13lb avg groundhogs not rock chucks or praire dogs. I have no practical experience on them. I have two 5.5 to 15 Bushnell 3200 Elite with rainguard and to me they are super, lacking only in the fact that they are not mildot reticle. But again, that is just me.

Maybe some others will chime in and you can get some other opinions.

I can swap the Zeiss mildot scope to my 7 Mag shooting 175 Hornadys and just use the same mildot yardages out to around 560 and then things change. Some people don't like swapping scopes though.

02-26-2005, 01:22 AM
ole spark

i very much agree with you, leupolds 4.5-14x40 vxIII thats mounted on my 2506 has been the best all around scope ive ever had the pleasure of owning. actualy is the best scoper ive owned.

a 3-9 leo with standerd duplex reticls will cover a good sized rock chucks boddy at 400ys. pretty much leavs you to guesn,

last year the 2506 took quite a few chucks with the 14 power. power was abourt perfect but still coverd a very good portion of the chuck at around 400.

ground squrels are big if they weigh 2lbs. you myswell forget it if you only have 9 power glass and there outhere between 250 yds and farther.

tweety birds at 500yds perched on a power line are also kinda tough with the 14 power ahhwell shouldnt shoot at them anyways.

this rifle will be prupose built as my heavy long range 22/250. its farily heavy rifle and the glass will match it. the ruger 22/250 that has the walnut stock will be my walk around 22/250 and will have the oprtiat glss. 3-9 or posibbly 6-18 or a new 4.5-14. glass on this rifle isnt near as critical because alot of difrent power combos will work for me.

also my winter time yote hunting is spent in bitter cold, couple feet of snow on the ground and temps below 30 alot of times.

most every yote ive ever shot has been with the scopes on full power and wanting more., id say 60 percent of the year is spent hunting in the colder conditions. temps under 65 deg

02-26-2005, 09:26 AM
Hey Spark,

Rock Chucks look like GHs but they are wide and no height. When one is laying of an flat lava rock lookin atcha his head is darker and sides are lighter. When sunning they look only a little taller that their head. Seems like only 4" high and the top inch is hair. Always like to have the rock slanted down a bit to get more depth. But who has a choice in that. If you can get one forageing its a little better. My guess is a big RC will go maybe 10#. After mother's day most targets are little ones. Pretty small.

3X9 leuy was just fine out to 420. Beyond that neither me or the rifle was good enough to hit anything.

I think that Contrast/sharpness/brightness has more to do with it than power.

Also the less complicated the scope is the better.

Calibration on my 6.5X20 at 18X is 2.1" @100 instead of the 3.6" standard @ 10X. Have a drop chart worked up for that power also but keep missing the first shot and sometimes 2, 3 & 4 cause the damn scope is on the other power and it takes me that long to catch on. Should catch on really quick when the shot drops about 10' low at 650. Not Ole Roy! What a numb skull.

Cross hair thickness on either the Super Sniper or the Cabelas Guide 6.5 X 20 doesn't seem to be a problem. Took shots at magpies at 500 yds and reticle thickness was just fine. Problem was they were sitting on sage brush and bounced around a bit. If that excuse isn't good enough, I've got some more. Maybe I otta build a more solid roost for em and put out some bait. Maybe a dead cat. Ya right! But I'm thinkin' it.

That's why I'm considering the Weaver w/the reticle in the other plane. Also IOR was a consideration because of the MP-8 ret. but its only calibrated at 10X, I think

Gonna have to get together with Evan this spring and do some LR chuckin'. We both otta learn something.

Evan give me a holler..

02-28-2005, 06:16 AM
I think it's a combination of clarity, power, and reticle thickness that create the best scope for the job. Typically when you go to a mil dot type reticle the cross wires are a little thinner than your standard duplex type reticle. Theoretically you would be able to see more of the target on the same power. However, if you're looking to shoot the dots on varmints, let me warn you. A mil dot is gonna cover up a prairie dog or rock chuck head at 500 yds. So if you're trying to head shoot him, you're gonna have problems. When we first got started in extending our range, we shot "dots" on a couple farms out to around 600yds. We got close and had a lot of fun, but our kill ratio wasn't very good. We still have good days and bad, but more often than not we leave some for the buzzards to eat now.

02-28-2005, 10:23 AM

I have one of those Tasco Custom Shops 8-40x56 that sounds like it might be just what yuopu are looking for. I just took it off of that 7RUM that I was playing with. It's a 30mm scope with a duplex and when you crank it up to 40 power it's like shooting thru a rain drizzle. That ought to provide you with another excuse for them little buggars.


I can imagine how small those things are you are trying to hit. I can probably help you with your hit ratio without going to a higher mag scope though. You just ned one of the 50 BMG's. When one of them bullets even comes close to a rock chuck it's light out for the rock and anything within a 10' radius. Vaporized rock chuch counts as a kill. hehehe :eek: Maybe you're needing one of them 8-32 powers.

03-06-2005, 11:59 PM
ive been thinking about just putting mill dots in my 4.5-14 and swapping it around again.

that way i can get the dots to work on both the 22/250 and 2506 where the scope will be mounted most of the time.

for some reason im haveing a hard time comeing up with any cash to get the glass i want. evertime i save up some money something comes up. grrrrrr


id love to come shoot some rock chucks with you, wed have a blast.


03-07-2005, 07:20 PM

last spring i was hunting them and heard them chirpn real close to me, i belly crawled over this little ridge in teh cayon, spoted about 10 laying on rcoks talkn to eachother. i had down hill shot. and the range wasnt more than 50yds

the 2506 blows them to peices and so do rock fragments, i ended up getting 6 or 7 of em. some would just splatter on the rocks and other we go air bor with guts flying over hear a leg there and everywhere. i had so many body peices laying around i gave up on counting them.

ive also sent a few airborn from bout 300yds when there laying just right and i guess i must be squeezn the trigger alittle difrent then normal.

i remember one time i was walking along this rock rim, it wasnt vertical over the edge but it was close. im walkn along packn the 2506 and chuck spots me and dives over the rim and takes off running. i did the same and slid to my bellow over the edge of the rim with my elbows. suporting the rifle. i wouldnt have had shot but he decided to stop and look back and see if it was safe just before he went down another ledge. i already had a bead on him before he stopped. the instant he stopped and started to turn around i squeezed.

he just dissapeard out of my veiw. i new i got him so i went and looked. sure enough i sent him off 30ft cliff, no wonder he stopped.

ive got a heck of rock chuck spott if you wanna come. its bout a 2 mile hike, but its worth it, ive never ounce seen anyone else come in hunting chucks. and theres lots of chucks in there. it in one of the steep rugged nothing but rocks kinda country, you know the kind. me and the 2506 realy had alot of fun last season, id like to have atleast one 22/250 rolling for this spring, and i will. even if i have to take the 3-9 off my 270wsm to do it.