View Full Version : Ramshot TAC in 243 Loads ??

05-01-2005, 04:24 AM
I recently bought some TAC powder to try out. The plan is mainly for 223 & some 308. It is advertised for small to medium rifles with a burn rate right between H335 & H4895. The company puts out very little loading data. I know their web site has a little, as does my latest Sierra manual. The data is for the 223,22-250,7mm-08,308 & other similiar rounds. I have not found any for the 243.

My question is this; though not primarily a 243 powder for me, is there data available or is there a safe & proven way to interpolate data to develope a safe load? I usually stay in the mid range & compare several manuals on reloading and know the word 'interpolate' usually does not sit well with reloaders.

I can just use some 3031 & H4895 for the 243 & the TAC in the 223 & 308. I thought that with similiar rounds listed above & below the 243 a safe load must exist.

05-02-2005, 09:18 AM
Tac is probably too fast for most bullets in the 243. It might work well with the 55 gr. varmint loads.

It is possible to work up safe loads for a rifle, but it takes a little equipment, and much common sense. First, you really need a chronograph. Then, you can take a "similar burn rate" powder (4895, in this case), and start at, or slightly below, the minimum charge weight for that powder. Chrono those loads as you increase the charge weight. When you get close to the listed maximum velocity for the alternative powder, OR the moment you see the classic pressure signs, quit. If you don't know what the classic pressure signs are, don't even start!

Another option is to ask someone to run an internal ballistic simulation for you, using a program such as Quickload or Load from a Disk. If you provide enough accurate data (including measured case capacity, seating depth, distance to lands, etc), they can give you a "pretty darn close" estimate on starting and max loads. Again, a chronograph is needed to calibrate the software to perform at it's best.

Loading without data is best done with a goodly bit of experience under your belt, lots of common sense at your disposal, and without a great "need for speed". If you are at all uncertain about how to go about it, don't. HTH, Dutch.

05-03-2005, 08:31 AM
Thanks for the info. I just thought there may be some data in a different manual. My plan was for 70 HPBT Match bullets in the 243. I recently loaded them all up with 3031 & H4895. I'll just use the TAC in some upcoming 223 loading.

With all the loading data above & below the 243, even with heavy bullets, I just thought the company(Ramshot) should have data out there to accomodate the reloader for more versatility. I know they have other powders for the 243.

05-03-2005, 09:09 AM
Quickload suggests 41 grains for a maximum at 3450 fps. Reduce at least 10% to start! No warranty expressed, or implied. Load at your own risk, this may not be a safe load, etc, etc, etc. HTH, Dutch.