View Full Version : Chronic Wasting Disease in WY

07-13-2005, 11:28 AM
I received my game area/region map for Wyoming and was surprised to see so many areas included with the CWD warning. Looks like the WY G&F will be monitoring many meat/locker-check in stations for those wanting their Deer tested for CWD. It is free and if your Deer tests positive, you'll receive a letter within 4 weeks or so. You can also pay for your own test and receive the results within half the time. I plan on having mine (if successful) tested for sure. I know the WY G&F has devoted a lot of time and effort to control the situation but they really need our help. Be sure to have your game tested if at all possible. Also, they recommend (as I've done for many years) boning out your game; avoiding contact with the spinal fluid; brain, eyes and lymph nodes. Wear rubber gloves and do not cut into the bone. Boning out the meat will accomplish this. I would also use a dedicated saw (never use on meat) to cut off any antlers. I do not know of Antelope being infected, but Deer and Elk have tested positive. Good hunting and play it safe! Let's all try to assist the Game and Fish Department with this serious problem. grayghost

07-13-2005, 11:50 AM
I have 30 acres in Wisconsin added to a CWD zone this year. When you say WY has spent time on CWD control I think of them as more monitoring the spread than control of it. WI is trying to kill every deer in the intensive CWD zones, and in the edge areas like I am in, it is kill a doe, kill another either sex, kill a doe, etc. No one is liking this, but this is control by limiting the population. I am in a CWD zone because one tested positive 25 miles from me. After seeing CWD show up farther east now, I am sure this travels in a truck, maybe the dust on a semi?

07-19-2005, 12:51 PM
From what I've read, much of it was introduced via "Deer feed." As in the UK where cattle were fed infected feed made from diseased cattle (ground bone, marrow, brain and spinal matter) commerical game farms made the same mistake from what I understand. Penned animals may have infected outside Deer/Elk by contaminating the fence area, exposing outside Deer to infected feed or grass. The Prion's responsible for spreading CWD appears to be nearly impossible to destroy by conventional means. I hate to hear about your area fishdog, hopefully WI will be able to control it. And yes, I should have said "studying CWD" instead of controlling it. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Good hunting this year. grayghost