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08-26-2005, 07:20 PM
went out to punch some paper with the 300win a few nights ago because its getn close to crunch time. ammo used 150gr core lokts, factory.

had alittle sand bag between the rifle and my shoulder. with the rifle layed in my big sand bags.

groups are good,

good enough to plink rabbits in the 200yds area with no misses and nothing but rifle but agaisnt my shoulder. after poundeing jack rabits my shoulder was black and blue ouch. im a wuss i know. atleast i know i can consintently shoot it at difrent ranges and connect on little critters farther than im likly to ever shoot a deer.

also cant hardly stand leupolds duplex for small varmiting anymore. i think every leo i buy from now on will have the fine hairs.

cant wait to get out there, buddys packn my 2506 grrr and ill ne toteing the 270 or 300win. havent decided yet. 270 has definitly proved itself as my lucky go to deer rifle.

also just realized that this is getn off topic but im not sure where to put it. think its going in the deer froumn now.


model 70
08-26-2005, 07:44 PM
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?! .270 over the '06 for deer? I know it's friday but am I drunk already????:D :D :D :D :D

08-27-2005, 10:29 AM
2506 is bering used by freind of mine thats going to be hunting with me this season. it almost makes me sick to because he cant shoot the 270 or 300 for beans. so i was like okay your shooting the 2506. and ill pack either the 270 or 300.

the 270 is a fair amount lighter than the 300 but i dont want to be packing two smalish calibers 2506 and 270 when weve got deer elk bear on the menu. so depending i may just pack the 270 because of the 3 mile hike or i may toughn up and pack the 300 to have alittle more peice of mind.

08-27-2005, 10:52 AM
you know what the 270, is going. its gona throw 130gr nosler bts as fast as i can acuretly push em and its getn the 16 target dot mounted on it.

if were gona have fun were doin it in style. ;)

been eyeing the weaver classic target dot scope for awhile. been thinking it would go good on the 270. the scope is bright and clear dot is alittle bigger than leupolds target dot. doesnt get lost in low light as easy. ive used both scopes to hit rabbits 20 minutes or more after the suns gone down.

the 3-9 leo just isnt doing it for me on the 270.

we are headed into long range country. were packing into a big bassin. this same bassin is were ive gone with my dad countless times to get elk and deer. theres a 90% chance in 3 days up there that well so no other human.

i want to do some walking around first thing in the morning. then glass mid day all day long. ive weve seen big bucks in here but weve always got them moveing.

i remember as kid. we were elk hunting. i was leading my horse up this snow ridge deep in the pine trees. snow almost to my knees. i could here deer all worked up snorting off in the trees. id get glimpse of them everyso often.

dad had told me to meet at this high saddle since that day we used this as meeting place countless times. even if we dont leave town together well decide on meeting here. and we do. i couldnt tell you. ive more then ounce made it up there no knowing for sure hed be there to find him laying down asleep with his horse over his head.

okay back to this saddle. im headed up through the trees. getn close to saddle and i hear something. sounds difrent than all hufn and pufn ive been hearing from all the does.

i need to exsplain this saddle alittle more. bout 100yds down from the top of the saddle all the pine trees just dissapear. but right out in the open on the saddle all by itself is one of those huge pine trees for some reason the pine bows stop about head high when your on a horse. but when on foot you can walk under them with a little duck.

thats the tree we meet at.

ok so i break through the pines and as i take in the site. theres two big bucks standing next to the tree watchn me and horse head out of the trees below them.

they just stand there for alittle bit and then take off as dads headn down the saddle from above. i had just beat him there.

when we meet up he asked if i saw them. oh yeah i tell him ive been standing here for alittle bit as they watched me. i may have seen one of these backs since, the last two years ive seen a buck that looks alot like the one but i havent been close enough and he doesnt give much time to look.

anyways dad ended up shooting a 5 point with antlers missing on its left side. i remember him shooting it and it falling right away and we walked up on it. its one antler was baried in the snow. it looked like a cow.

dad for some reason doesnt hunt the area much anymore. were still about the only ones in there. ive been hunting it the last few years as ive been getting back into hunting swing of things that worked had messed up for the 3 years prior.

anhow the 270s gona be my long ranger and were doing lots of glassing. i know theres big bucks in there.


model 70
08-27-2005, 10:34 PM
why was the 3x9 not working for you on the .270?

08-28-2005, 12:52 AM
because i cant hardly stand the thick cross hairs and i love the meduim power scopes

09-02-2005, 08:42 PM
all for nothing i supose. nah, had to give the caliber a try give it some range time and see what i thought of it. for one the rifle was to big and heavy for a mtn type rifle. 24" magnum taper barrel and heavy walnut. noticably beefier than the mkII walnut stocks. 8.25 with no glass is what it weighs. funny thing is i wanted want the 300win in a rifle any lighter.

a 3006 in stainles synthetic ruger poped up and i promptly did a straight trade for it. its mKII 22" barrel and about a pound lighter. ive actualy had two of these rifles in the past and didnt hang on to either and wished i had both times. so i snagged it and let the 300 go that id been him hahing all over since i got it..

i havent shot the 3006 yet. i tore it apart sandblasted it, like ive always wanted to do on stainless ruger because the shine is just to much for me. after sand blasting i rubbed it with triple out steel wool to smooth it up so finger prints didnt stick in open pores in the stainless steel.

barrel action trigger gaurd bolt handle. and rings all got blasted. then the rifle was pressure washed. then got the dishwasher treatmeant.

ounce all that was doen i tore the bolt apart. yanked the trigger out of it. and cleaned it up more. put it back together just to tear the trigger back out and do some stoneing to get the pull down and make it crisper.

now all thats done, its bolted back in the synthetic stock and has the 3-9x40 vxII matte glass on it. ive bore sighted it scrubed the bore and am waitn to punch some paper.

i now belive ive got the no frills all around all weather hunting rifle that can do it all.

recoil to me from the past rifles feel a hair less than the 300win but in lighter easier package to pack days on end in the high country and 3006 has enough punch to take any big game here in idaho that ive ever have the mind to chase.


09-13-2005, 02:44 PM
Good hunting this year Evan!

10-07-2005, 11:35 PM

were you at.

ready for the season.?

im close to ready. very close.

packn into deer camp wedsday night the 12th. should be there by 1 in the morning thursday just enough time for alittle shut eye the up before light.

let us know what your up to