View Full Version : 270win is almost ready

08-27-2005, 01:09 PM
its 1984 rem sportman 78, ive had the rifle since new. its basicaly a 700adl. 22" barrel rifle has been for around 7 mule deer bucks and one bull elk.

i just mounted a 4-16 weaver classic in leo duel dove tail rings and bases that were on the rifle.

had to order the adl trigger gaurd and screws. awhile back i stole the trigger gaurd for a rem rifle that came with a plastic gaurd.

my original plan was to put rem classic stock on it that i picked up for cheap. but today i decided that i couldnt. the rifle the way it sits has way to many memories etched in it. like the deer blood in the butcap screws. the wood broken from the pistol grip at the bottom. scars in forearm from me falling

bleing comeing off like crazy due to useing the rifle for backing out half a deer. but through one leg and barrel through the other perfect way to pack the hind quarters. and the reason the but screws have blood packed in them.

i bet its been 3 years since i ve shot this rifle. always wanted a limbsaver recoil pad to tame the 270s brutal kick. :D did pick on up for a 700adl today but it doesnt fit. dangit.

shel be going in the next two weeks then that gives me a few weeks to find a load that shoots acurate.

ive kinda got a thing for this rifle again. its a no frills hunting rifle and has worked like that for years and done me nothing but good and brought all kinds of good luck.