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10-30-2005, 09:35 PM
I ended up going out one last time one last attempt to get a buck this year.

you know that point when everything comes together your in deer thick everywhere you go you see sign and hide. i figured ive been hunting this country for the last week and doing good just havent come across the bucks yet.

this evening that all changed, i hiked alittle farther looked alittle harder. i was glassen deer layed under sage brush that would watch me walk through the cayon. id keep glassen back to make sure they hadnt moved these deer were on a steep slope woth rocky loose shale shorounding them. i think they stayed there because they had great view. anything approaching from the top would send rocks falling and makeing all kinds of noise. aswell as the sides leaveing the bottom ope to theyre good hearing and eye site.

i better make this short.

its just before dark im going up this great cayon spotting deer left and right. just as the suns setting i run right smack into buck trailing 4 does. much to my amazement its a shooter(turns into bad thing) range didnt look to be that far and i somehow walked right in to shooting rock. this rock was about chest high on me about as perfect of a rest as you can get.

i make quick guestimate that hes less than 300 but well over 150 decide to hold just over the boiler room. hes standing broad side looking up the hill. this is were all the patitnce practice and everything pays of i squeeze the trigger kwaap i see dust fly right on his side right where i want it. he just stands there. debateing wether to take another shot or let him go.

his does run off and i decide hes going down this all seemed to be in slow motion. i had another round jacked in and he crumbles to his knees then to his side. he was done i flipped on the safety and headed to him.

he turned out to be fairly decent 3 point bout 20" wide and big bodied. to big. i made the call to bone him out, id packed my pack in for just such an acasion.

as im skinning him i found under the hide on the far side none other than the bullet that did the job. a 100gr nolser balistic tip. this bullet is an almost picuture perfect mushroom. you can see the lead core intack and the pedals flaking back. im gona toss it on the scale and see what it weighs
bullet weighs 65.3grs. i actualy thought it would be closer to 100 than that. seems it perfromed flaulesly.

anyways the rest of the story is i about die packing the meat . not to mention getn lost. headed out in the dark

this morning i had no intentions on going today. about 1030 something in my head clicked and i was outa town. its funny how things like that work out.



iver talked the 2506 up as a great deer rifle from here to the moon. and now she perfroms with results any one would be proud of. i for one am realy exscited that this hunt come off with such a bang on my very last day to hunt. couldnt ask for any better. she takes here first mule deer and i recoverd the first bullet she ever fired at a deer. kinda neat. you should have seen the big grin on my face when my knife ran into to. this bullet also hit a rib on the far side. this deer had one broken rib. the bullets kinda got sideway mushroom look to it because of it. range was never determined. but well over 150 is good guestimate.

10-30-2005, 11:04 PM
Congratulations, Evan !

11-07-2005, 10:45 AM
Hi Evan,

I would just like to add my congratulations on your successful hunt :D

P.S. Pictures would be nice ;)

11-10-2005, 11:58 AM
Way to go Evan!

05-26-2006, 05:23 PM
as last years deer season has come and gone in a blink of an eye its now time to look forward to this seasons big game hunts.

this spring i stumbled across a heard of big horn sheep and decided i was going to put in. i did some research on the area and found that there was in fact a draw hunt avalable. but the cost and odds drew me from actualy putn my money where my mout is. there are 3 tags and its almost a 200 doalr bill up front just to put in for the hunt.

what i ended up doing was putting in for idahos big buck hunt in unit 45. susposebly this unit in idaho is known world wide for produceing big bucks. and my eyes havent fooled me on that fact. ive many times stubled across big shooters in the area.

anyways thats the goings on right now, just waiting to see if i got the hunt or one of the 2nd choices i cant for life of me remember what my second choices even were.

06-02-2006, 08:29 AM
Let us know how you do in the draw.