View Full Version : LR Cartridge/Bullet Performance

12-06-2005, 10:30 PM
Not a personal experience but close enough for gov't work

16yr old young man, using his dad's 7mm Rem. Cow elk a long ways away. First 2 shots didn't disturb the cow. The adult with the youth just happened to have a range finder plus he had just a bit more experience than the youth. Ranged the cow at 587yds. He told the kid where to hold a good solid rest was being used (I'm bettin' it was the hood of the truck.:confused:

The gun went off and the cow fell like a ton of bricks. Never twitched.

Bullet hit no bone in the chest. Between ribs on both sides. Complete penetration with the bullet lodged in the off side leg.

From his discription of the bullet it opened well.

Cartridge: Federal Vital Shot 7mm Rem - I think that's a 140gr Nosler accubond.

Will get bullet and post pics if he hasn't lost it. :rolleyes: