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12-10-2005, 06:53 PM
Well, this all started about 4 weeks ago. I have been watching a herd of about 35 cows, calves and spikes. I needed permission to hunt on private land got. So I went up to get one. I arrived at about 5:30am I watched several groups go by in the dark while I was waiting for it to get light enough to shoot. As it was getting light I see several trucks coming up the road. The herd was out in an alfalfa field and it seems that several others knew about this herd also. So there I am waiting for the elk to make their way back up out of the fields so I can knock one down and go home. End of hunt. ;)

Well it was not to be. These guys bail out of the trucks and start blasting away, the elk were at least 600 yards from where these guys were sitting. They must have shot at least 20 times and did not even come close to hitting one. :rolleyes: The elk are trapped in this field and these guys are trying to figure out what to do. Mean time the property owner shows up and the DWR with three more hunters and now it is getting absolutely nuts. There are 10 guys standing along this road with 35 head of elk getting really nervous. Well they make their break (the elk) and these guys manage to knock 2 down and break ones hind leg just above the knee. I estimate the elk are 300 to 325 yards out. As the one with the broken rear leg is running up out of the fields I touch off the 300 mag. and conect with it behind the hind shoulder. The shot is alittle high and the elk slows to a walk. I work the bolt and line up on her again and I see this nut, the one that broke her hind leg running out through the field after this elk. I am thinking what in the HE11 are you doing. If he would have just left it alone I would have knocked it down for him, but no he starts chasing her up the mountain, and of course she keeps moving. Well, I watch her make it in to a small ravine and she goes down. I'm thinking ok give her some time to bleed out. NO, DUMB A55 just can't wait so she gets back up and starts up the hill again she makes it about another 100 yards and falls in the scrub oak. This time bubba lets fly with his .270 and catches her in the neck and she goes down then he shoots her one more time and this puts an end to this circus. I made it up to the elk and bubba. This kid is as happy as a clam he says I knew I hit her, I'm just glad it stopped her. I just did not have the heart to tell him that that shot to the rear leg didn't even slow her down. I checked to see if she was hit was were I though it was and it was high and back alittle from were I thought I had put it, but still in the vitals. I helped him pull her down to where he could get it in to a truck and walked back to my truck. I'll get mine later. There are lots more, that one is all his. :D

12-10-2005, 08:40 PM
good for you,i think you did the right thing by shooting it for him,its amazing how some people just cant judge distance,i think they just dont care.if not for you,there would be another elk running around wounded,its good to hear about someone that still has ethics.good luck on getting your own elk.hope you can fill your freezer.