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01-28-2006, 04:47 PM
According to the Casper-Star Newspaper 01/27/06 issue, Wyoming G&F is going to kill up to 300 ELK at the Pinedale feedlot!!!!!:eek: :mad:
They're checking for Brusolosis(sp?)!!!! Yeh sure.
Oh well that's 300 less grass eaters (not counting the lost calves)as far as the ranchers are concerened!!!!

It's bad enough the darned elk have to contend with the *#^%ing WOLVES!!! NOW THEY GOTTA RUN FROM THE G&F 's SHARP SHOOTERS!!!!
Ya may as well forget about hunting around the Pinedale/Dubois area for elk this year!!!!

Even if you've never planned (they don't need ta know that) ta hunt Wyoming, call em and tellem how ya feel about dat.

That is, unless yer to cheap to.


M.T. Pockets
01-30-2006, 07:40 AM
A cow hunt out of Dubois was going to be my backup plan for an elk hunt this fall. May have to reconsider.

Would you have a link to the story, or a suggested phone # to call ?

One of the problems wolves cause is that they herd up th elk in the feedgrounds, surrounding them and crowding them, this can cause disease to be transmitted easier than if the elk were allowed to wander around some. I know that this was a concern with some of the feedgrounds around Jackson.

01-30-2006, 11:38 AM
It was in the Casper-Star newspaper iast week and probably in the F&G news release which is where the papers get their info.

According to the people feeding me info, cows are what they'll kill, because it gets what appears to to them, a better return.

1. Cows are the mothers, so killing a cow, kills 2, her and the unborn calf, possibly 3 if she's with twins. Thus causing a herd reduction which is what the feds, greenies and area's ranchers want.

2. the killing of cows increases the bull to cow ratio, making the area appear better to those hunting bull only, especially trophy bulls.

3. Non-residents primarily apply for bull licences, not cow or either sex. When they apply, that gets them preference points from which, as of this year, due to the point cost increases, is really big money for a cash strapped agency being bled dry by non-funded federal USFWS mandates.

4. Residents buy most of the reduced price cow/calf tags and mostly do not hunt private land, preferring public lands because of the high $ trespass fees charged by land owners or outfitters who've purchased hunting rights for that private land.

5.The resident bought cow/calf tags are cash losers for the state as residents pay less for the licences we don't have the financial impact non-residents do.

There is an easily administerable vacine for brusolosis, but the stock growers want the public to pay instead of themselves.
Elk eat grass which means less grass for cattle/sheep. Less grass means less stock which means less money.

Make your own conclusions from that.

I've already made mine.


M.T. Pockets
01-30-2006, 12:57 PM
I'm a non-resident and would love to have a place in Wyoming where I could hunt cow elk. I'd gladly pay a realistic trespass fee to hunt private land, you'd think more landowners would offer this. By realistic I'm thinking no more than $500 per hunter. Trouble is, I can't find a place that isn't leased up by an outfitter. I've seen guided cow hunts, but I won't pay $2,000. I do think that residents should have first opportunity to hunt these elk, and I can't believe that they wouldn't have more than 300 people who would buy these licenses.

There just has to be a better way than the way it is being done.

I grew up on a cow-calf operation so I know the economics of raising livestock. I'd let cow elk hunters on to thin them out and chase them off the property to some other guys hay stacks.

01-30-2006, 03:45 PM
Put in for Area 113 type 2 or area 7 type 2. I'll help ya find a huntin spot.

113 opens Nov 4, area 7 opens Oct 15. Both are near Douglas.
If yer intrested, give me a pm.

M.T. Pockets
01-31-2006, 07:27 AM
Thanks, I'll do that.

02-01-2006, 08:24 PM
COW ELK The 1st shipment of positive tested elk headed to a federal SLAUGHTER facility in Idaho Tuesday Feb 2nd.

I didn't even know the feds owned a facility like that !!!

I wonder why it exists & what and how long they've the been killing over there?

Oh well, thats 80 less (give or take) grass eating elk in Wyoming to compete with the locals stock. 80 + or - less hunting opportunities for us.

Just as Carter has little liver pills, its only the beginning, their'll be more to come, lots more, eh? :mad:
Your tax & hunting licence fees at work, Isn't that just peachy. Lord, ya just gotta love their ingenuity and their ability to spin the story ! ;)

02-08-2006, 06:08 PM
"federal SLAUGHTER facility in Idaho Tuesday Feb 2nd. I didn't even know the feds owned a facility like that !!! "

Yes, hnter, they call it AREA 51.5. Those aren't sick Elk, they're actually aliens wearing Elk costumes. They didn't have bovine TB, just got sick from eating too much halloween candy. The excess sugar turns them into welfare dependent moochers. Fed's had to rush this deal. They won't be harmed, just send down to AREA 51 for experiments then on to New York City for Nat'l Enquirer photo shoots, then back to Hollywood for the Gay Rights Weiner Roast and Bonfire. I thought I saw an Elk when I was in Lusk this past fall, but it turned out to be an escaped donkey from the circus. Just kidding
I guess I'll just put in for Antelope and Deer again this year.
Good hunting, grayghost