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Boyd Heaton
06-10-2006, 09:53 AM
Check it out

06-12-2006, 07:38 AM
Boyd, I've gotta give you (2) atta boy's! One for being in the top 3 and another one for having your daughter in the top 25! That's pretty cool:cool:

Boyd Heaton
06-13-2006, 05:14 PM
Yeah she shot two ten inch groups and a "22" inch group in light gun.....Shots 1 and 10 killed her.Shots 2 through 9 were at 6.5 inch's..We had a few gun problems with both her guns....Would not eject the empty all the time...Really slowed her down with her heavy gun.....She was somewhere around a minute and a half for ten shots...Hangs right around a minute when its spittin them out...She shot a 9.9 inch 94 score in heavy gun match 1...Won her relay for score....Match 2 she shot a 8.0 inch with a 94 score.Won her relay for group.Match 3 she had the forth shot walk on her...Shot 15 inch's....With a 83 score I think...Guess we'll get em next time..

Boyd Heaton
06-13-2006, 05:16 PM
TOP 3????:D Better look again....Think I'm 3rd in light score.Better look at group and shooter of the year standings for light gun :p