View Full Version : deer report

11-03-2008, 03:05 PM
havent been on in awhile,

just thought id drop in and let everyone know i took my forked horn this year with my 220 swift #1 vt at about 150-200yds with a 53gr tripple shock.

the bullet worked wonders deer was quartering hard away. bullet went in behind the last rib. went through lung, centerd a rib on the offside and stoped inside the hide. bullet retained 100%

even though the bullet didnt exit the entrance wound was bleeding out plenty good enough to follow the blood trail, deer travel less than 50yds and piled up.

im starting to become a beliver in the triple shock.

i also load 115gr triple shocks in my 2506 for bigger game.

hows everyone elses hunts truning out.