View Full Version : Winter Elk travels

02-12-2011, 01:34 PM
There are about 500+ elk now between I-80 and the railroad main line west of Rawlins (WY) in the first 10 miles. This is highly unusual; never seen before by people that have lived here all their lives. Apparently the snow is very deep south of here and west on the Red Rim wintering area and they are just this way for feed. These are the elk that summer in the Houston Park area of the wilderness and some locals from Atlantic Rim and the south forest. A lot of cameras are getting workouts and the local paper has had pictures in the last few days. Sure is nice to see them and live in Wyoming.

02-12-2011, 01:44 PM
Just talked to the wood man again this AM. he lives near Meteetsee and cuts in the mountains. Said the snow is deep and getting more so. He's never really seen it this deep. We have had snow on the ground since November which is very rare here. As I type it is 38 degrees and we haven't seen above freezing for well over a month. The Elk here are in the valleys as are the bighorn sheep and a friend that lives on the Southfork said he saw some mountain goats down very low. If it goes true to form and we get the major snow from now till Mid May..we gonna have 'nuff irrigation water this year. Neat to see those elk for certain. I saw a bighorn that was one of the largest heads I have ever seen. and even rarer..he wasn't broomed off on the ends. More than a curl and a quarter..maybe a half even.....BTW the wood man said he is seeing wolves regularly near Meteetsee when cutting wood. They are not afraid of people.