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To: Rocky -
'Bosveldjag' is actually a combination of two standalone entities to create a new word with a different meaning!
I.e. 'bosveld' = 'bushveld' which is a typical lowveld area in South Africa covered by many types of indegenous trees, shrubs and grasses.
Then 'jag' = 'hunt'.
Put together results in 'bosveldjag' meaning therefor a hunt in a bushy area called locally bushveld. ('veld' = plains or open area in the wild where animals roam freely.)
Sorry for this lengthy explanation, but I'm not a language expert at all!

The obvious question would now be: 'Why a .264 Win Mag if the hunt is taking place in a bushy area?'
In SA we also have open, grassy plains where very little or no bush coverage is available and that is where the mentioned species roam leading to the need for a long distance rifle for relatively small to medium type of game.

To: Downwindtracker2 -

Thanks for the info, I will later report on what I am planning to use on loadings and bullet type.
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