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im starting to form opions on caliber here that maybe dont go with your way of thinking, but there are alot of other standerd calibers that will fling 85-100gr bullets from 3400-3700 dependiong bullet weight and caliber.

even the standerd 06 case can shoot light bullets pretty good, the case is not belted and the action is smaller.

a 6mm/06 would fit the bill, even standerd 270win pushn 90gr bullets might get close to 3700fps the 2506 will come right to 3700 mark pushn 85 bullets and only lose about 200fps when loaded with 100gr bullets.

chances are the 270 2506 and even 3006 facotry ammo is pretty abundant over there.

im just not real hot on the 264 not when there are alot of other calibers that throw light bullets just as well. now if that thing was pushn 140s that fast then wed be talkin.

isnt the 264 a 6.5mm call???? im not positive

this is just my opion. im sure the 264 will turn out just the way you want it to.

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