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I was just reading your post. I happen to be a 6.5 nut and have been since about 1960.

The 264 WM custom gun is an excellent choice for your needs and the bullet you selected should do just fine on the smaller, thin-skinned plains game. The barrel length at 27 inches should be fine, dead in the middle of 26 VS 28, either of which work well in a 264 WM. The only thing I would consider changing, were it my rifle, is the twist. The 1-9 twist is accurate, say .25 to .5 groups. However, in my experiance the real accurate twist, for a 6.5, down into sub .100 territory is the 1-8. The 8 twist will handle bullets from 85 grains up to and including the 160s, with ease. The 85-100 grain bullets should shoot sub .100 in the 1-8. Velocity into the 3500 - 3700 range is also no problem for the 1-8 twist.

I would also consider the barrel be made in a stainless, heavy sporter or magnum sporter, fluted. The combination will give you medium weight, stiffness and surface area for cooling. The case capacity, caliber combination, will get a barrel hot quick. The stainless will resist erosion about as well as you can expect.

If you still do not have the barrel selected, I would suggest a Lothar Walther stainless, magnum sporter, computer lapped, match barrel. I have used this same barrel on my last dozen rifles and really like them.
Good Luck with your rifle.
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