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Ramlines are not pretty but they are tough and functional. I have a few, one on a .338 Win. Mag., another on a .308 that happens to be sub MOA. Another is on a Ruger M77 chambered to the .375/338 magnum and it's holding up beautifully.
CHeck out this site.
I have a couple of those stocks on Mausers and they have a much better feel than the Ramline. They take a bit more work but I much prefer them. I have a bunch of FN Mausers in .30-06 and I'm thinking of ordering a few more of those stocks to use on them. They do not feel as clubby as the Ramlines.
I had to do a bit of altering internally on the ones I have and then glass bedding work but when a box stock J.C. Higgins Model 50 shoots factory ammo into .50 to .75", one cannot gripe about the stock.
But if the Ramline is what you want, go for it. Either one works just fine. I have somewhat small hands so the Butler Creek fits me better and doesn't feel as clubby to me, thus that's my choice.
Paul B.
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