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I used to do a group hunt on a pheasant preserve 3-4 times a year and try and get a group of 4-5 guys from work to go along. While for the most part it was enjoyable, it was always a hassle to get money from some, and there was usually some dolt (usually my boss' brother-in-law) that would try and shoot every bird that was flushed, whether it was in his zone of fire or not. I've found it to be a bit more relaxing to just go by myself or with one good friend. Sadly, the local upland population (pheasant, grouse, and woodcock) is essentially nonexistant....we have seasons, but big deal....there are no birds to hunt! If one wants to experience upland hunting, one must A.) go out of state, B.) go up north to the UP, or C.) go to a pheasant preserve.
Took my pup to a preserve last Sunday for some chukars......she is still trying to get the hang of it. It was more of a "training session" than a hunt. Hopefully, she will get the idea before too much longer.
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