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Old 05-03-2007, 12:20 AM
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Survival stuff

Now that spring is upon us (or almost upon us) I thought I'd post to see what some of you carry with you into the woods as far as survival gear goes. I'm talking about the stuff you throw into your pack or pockets and forget about until that "just in case" situation comes along. I carry a Cold Steel SRK and the items in the pic. In case it's hard to see, included are a whistle, thermometer, compass, LED light, flashing red signal light, magnesium firestarter, signal mirror and about 18' of 550 cord. I will also be adding a small Swiss-Army type knife as soon as I find mine. In addition to the above, I carry at least 2 other means of making fire; usually a lighter and some waterproof matches; a basic first aid kit (bandaids, first-aid tape and a small square of gauze), a mylar emergency blanket, an extra MRE and some extra socks, sweatshirt and sock-hat. All this is in addition to what I pack for a day in the mountains. I don't touch it except in case of emergency. It stays in my pack even after hiking/hunting season is over with the exception of the MRE and the emergency blanket; those get tossed/eaten at the end of the season and replaced at the beginning of the next season. It may seem like a lot but it doesn't really take up that much room in my pack and doesn't add any real weight or bulk. I'm sure there are a couple things I forgot but that's why I'm hoping some of you will post what you carry along. I have my stuff on a checklist (along with all my hunting/hiking/camping gear) but it's on my ex's computer and I haven't gone to get it, yet.

P.S.-I'm going to get some small carabiners to attach the items to make them easier to remove in a hurry.

P.P.S-I also have about 30' or so of 550 cord on my SRK's sheath.

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Old 05-03-2007, 03:56 PM
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great reminder

another OUTstanding source for proven survival info:

I've taken the course from Peter Kummerfeldt at the American Wilderness Leadership School (Peter is the Survival Instructor TO the Survival Instructors) I came home and threw out most of what I had carried in the field religiously for years. I "thought" I was safe....good thing I never had a serious testing to find out. close calls dont count,

Lots of great info - that WORKS (we proved it in the field every day)
pay special attention to his testing of space blankets, matches, signal mirrors, and fire starters

I'll dig my kit out and take some pics (but they'll look just like the set up on his site !! LOL)

be safe out there
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Old 05-04-2007, 07:42 AM
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The last guide I hunted with last fall in the Thorofare was also a wilderness survival instructor in Alaska during the summertime. Our daypacks were similar, and weren't very big or heavy. Most pack way too much and the wrong stuff. If you wear wool clothes you'll stay warm even if you're wet and you don't have to pack extra stuff.

What it comes down to, if you can build a fire under any condition and have (or get) water to drink, you're likely going to survive most anything as long as someone else knows about where you are.

I also like to bring a couple bandanas, they keep your neck warm and they're great to stop bleeding, and as long as you have one left you're never out of toilet paper.
"Watch your top knot."
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Old 03-10-2009, 07:28 PM
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Hey Tater dont waste ya money on those cheap snap-link's (carabiner's) get some real one's at your local climbing shop.... (jmho)
M.T.Pocket's - get ya self a Woolie-Pully (British wool sweater) there great and light but you''ll never be cold....(even when wet).....the rest of the stuff ---- Train - Train -Train (makin fire's ) in all kind's of weather do it now get it right , and you wont get it wrong when ya need it......
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Old 05-01-2009, 06:10 PM
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this is what I carry:
multi-tool strapped to belt
water filter
swiss army swiss champ(a swiss multi-tool with just about everything but the fridge on it
hand crank flashlight
95feet of extra strength twine
gun(if hunting)

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