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Oh My

I remember being in an area with very few seemed that way. But ya knew everybody heck I was related to most of 'em... leaving in the morning and getting home when the lights came on. Fishing the Chester River out of my fathers 18 ft skiff. Swimming across the river..about a half mile each way. without drowning luckily. getting my first little work boat at just shy of 11 Had a hit and miss Palmer..burned it up by going too fast and not putting water in it. Catching crabs fish oysters and big ol snappin turtles. got 3-4 cents a pound for them.. Thought I was rich.. Then there was was the only game going. strawberries peaches wild raspberries and blackberries too. skwerl rabbit duck hunting in the fall winter. It was a wonderful life for a kid...even if we were all poor. Got my first deer when I was 11. Decided to not eat seafood ever again. LOL!! My father was a Chesapeake bay waterman. We ate seafood. Blick! It was still a good life for a kid. If y'all ever read the old man and the was close to my life as a kid. Cept the old man was my mentor..

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!"
Benjamin Franklin
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