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Old 10-25-2006, 06:26 PM
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here to praise the 2506 and 110 accubond

just this last week i got my mule deer in idaho it was just 3 point with 20" spread. rifle used was my 2506 ruger pushing h4350 and 110 accubonds at rought 31-3200.

at 200 plus the combo slammed the deer on a steep mtn slope the deer on impact flipped over backwords landed on tree 10yds belkow it.

it was quite the site to see it go from a broad side shot with it looking uphill to going over backwards and landing without a kick.

i had hoped to recover the accubond but as luck would have it had had enterd and exit through off side shouler blade. the wound channel was devestaing.; and on impact the bullet took some muscle and splaterd blood all over the snow.

upon feild dressing i found not a single bullet fragment just broken bone and mangled lungs pretty much everything was wiped out with the one shot.

this i think is the load im looking for last years 100gr nosler bt was effictive and also was a one shot kill but this years accubond was quite amazeing. at alittle longer range and bigger deer it exited while the 100gr bt didnt at closer range.

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