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Old 10-08-2007, 09:34 AM
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Post Weekend Squirrel Report 10/6/07

Well dad and I tried to give them what for but they just weren't doing much moving and shaking. I did notice and unusally large number of carrion birds overhead all weekend and that could account for the skittish status of the prey. It was also pretty darned hot. All in all we totaled 1 that I stalked and took with the new mosseberg 20. He turned out to be a very well endowed male that dulled two knives trying to skin him. The dog enjoyed the meat.

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Old 10-12-2007, 12:09 PM
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Dulled Two Knives Alright!


That tough old squirrel dulled the dogs teeth too. The other doge wouldn't even take a bite out of it. Course she's older and new better, that young dog didn't know any better, he just likes to eat.

Yea, you stalked'em and then you shot'em and then we waited for about 5 minuets for him to fall. I was begining to think that you missed and the that squirrel smacked the ground hard enough it felt like a 20lb. bag of wet cement 30 yrds away (Great BIG Whoomp!). I had to do a double take for that one.

At least you got to break that new 20ga in right. One shell fired (the very first shell fired in that shotgun) one squirrel. Thats got to be a good sign, the best kind.

I really enjoyed that little bought of hunting, even with trying to see the leaves in the trees through the sweat in my eyes.

We've got to do it again, soon. And maybe just maybe I'll have my new 16ga by then, MAYBE! I sure can't wait for the next time. Hopefully the weather cools down soon, I think it will help alot.

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