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Old 11-21-2016, 12:33 PM
Adam Helmer Adam Helmer is offline
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Winchester Model 25, 12 Gauge Shotgun

Last month a neighbor, and fellow retired lawman, told me he had an old 12 gauge shotgun his widowed sister wished to sell that her deceased husband hunted with for years. I told Tony I really did not need another 12 gauge shotgun. He said this is a nice vintage arm and "I want you to have it." So, I went and took a look.

I saw a Model 25 Winchester shotgun I never knew existed. It was the next gun after Winchester stopped making the Model 12 shotgun. The M12 was hand fitted and the M25 less so beginning about 1953, but still an "Old" gun with the "tootsie roll" forend and an old look.

Overall the bore is bright and the bluing on the exterior is worn from honest use as is the remaining stock finish. I told Tony I would add it to the old 20 gauge single barrel in my gun room that says on the receiver, "Iver Johnson Gun and Bicycle Works."

Old guns have a history that old hunters made on treks long ago. I will carry this M25 afield for PA grouse and think of the hunters, before me, who carried the same gun. I keep a few old roll crimp shotshells handy for a proper nostalgic hunt in the uplands. I like old blued steel and walnut in my hunting guns and have it, once again.

Adam Helmer
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