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Old 12-09-2007, 08:32 PM
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The .17 Rem and Coyotes

Don't think the 6mm calibers are for me. When I shoot a critter, I look it over and if it's a decent pelt I skin it at the nearest tall fence post or low tree limb. Seldom an exit hole with the little bullet and no sewing. The 40 grain Berger in my 20-250 (MV 4340) also does a comendable job...seldom leaving an exit mark. But then my 22 Middlested's another story. Shoot 52 grain Bergers and recently JLK 52s and the damage is often considerable. Good winter so far.......36 with the last 17 straight. Five misses so far. "Bout due to be humbled again! Montana Coyote Mike.
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