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Old 11-18-2001, 03:34 PM
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Question ** Norica 410 - 76? Dicks Kestrel 2600? **

OK, I need some help.

I have this shotgun that was handed down to me. I wanted to find some information about this gun on the internet, but I don't know what make of rifle it is. This is what it says on the barrel:

Dicks Kestrel 2600 - Spain

Norica 410 - 76

What is the make of the gun? Dicks Kestrel or Norica? is it model 410 - 76 or 2600.

I've searched all over and all I can find on either is that Norica makes airguns, and I've found something called Gunmark Kestrel on a few sites but no real information.

Can someone Please help me?

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