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Old 09-25-2001, 02:37 PM
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Blue dot in the .243 Winchester

I know I have read about this before, and I even thought I had printed it out, just can not find it. Has anyone ever tried Blue Dot in the .243 Winchester Cartridge with light bullets? Where did you start, and how was the accuracy?


Old 09-26-2001, 01:04 PM
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I have heard of using Blue Dot in center fire rifles in cast bullet loads, but that all. Blue Dot is to fast a burning powder to be practical for any jacketed bullet in .243.
Old 09-27-2001, 09:33 PM
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Ctafish, you haven't read my article on Blue Dot in rifles? It's over on my network site. Click on Reloading in the green column at the left. (We're about to do a massive redesign of all our network sites, so stay tuned!!)

I've had one report of BVlue Dot in the 243, but I've never tried any myself, so I don't think I'll pass along any data. But there's no reason why it shouldn't be fine in the kind of reduced velocity loads I discuss in the article.
Old 09-28-2001, 12:44 AM
SD Handgunner SD Handgunner is offline
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Thanks Rocky, you always come through. I just found the information I was searching for. Someone posted it on another site.

For the record, I do not really consider Blue Dot with 40gr. Bullets in Handgun Barrels to be Reduced Velocity Loads. In fact in my 10" Contender out of 4 powders tested (with each powders respective accuracy load), only IMR-4198 produced more velocity than Blue Dot does, and that difference was 168 FPS. However the difference in shootability in the 10" .223 Contender, the advantage goes to Blue Dot in a BIG way. Man are they fun to shoot.

In fact in the Super 14 .223 Contender the difference was 250 FPS difference from the fastest load tested to the Blue Dot Load (again with each powders respective accuracy load).

Rifles is another matter entirely though. There the difference was about 500 to 600 FPS less with Blue Dot than with other powders tested.

BTW, the Blue Dot Load I e-mailed you about when I first started this project over a year ago was with an old can of powder I had had for years. I have since purchased two new cans of Blue Dot, and I am now loading .8 grs. less, and getting the same velocity as I did with the old can. Also with the two new cans, the velocity is about exactly the same from either can.

Thanks again, I think I am going to try Blue Dot in the .243 Striker with the 55gr. Nosler Ballistic Tips just to see what it does do.

Old 09-28-2001, 09:26 AM
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Very astute, Larry! The shorter the barrel, the more the Blue Dot advantage shows. That's due entirely to the much faster burn rate and the efficiency gained by burning at the best pressure.

For those who haven't read my article on this, allow me to summarize how Blue Dot works in rifle loads:

The original concept (by James Calhoon of bullet fame) was to create a reduced velocity load that duplicates Hornet or Bee performance in a 223. Such a load has low muzzle blast, low recoil and good accuracy at a usable velocity.

After experimentning with several usable but not ideal powders, Calhoon tried Blue Dot. The result is nearly magic. In a 223, with Hornet-weight bullets of 45 grains, he got 2800 fps with sub-MOA accuracy and next to no recoil. Very high shot-to-shot consistency indicates that the load works at near-normal pressure. These are reduced velocity loads, but NOT reduced pressure loads!

The concept works with light bullets in other cases, too. (Although I have not verified the safety of loads in the 22-250 or 243) I refer you to that article for exact load data. Click on Reloading in the green column at left.
Old 09-28-2001, 10:30 AM
Canadian Connection Canadian Connection is offline
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I have been reading over these posts as well as the artical that RR has on his sight. Realy interesting reading. I was wondering if Blue Dot will also work as well in a 20" fifle barrel at reduced velosities IE sub-sonic? Or do we risk eratic thing happening as the bullet fights its way out the barrel? So in trying to totally understand the principles and apply it to one of my projects, 7mmRemBR, 20" barrel with gain twist. With the apropriate load and the bullet seated just on the lands to create enough presure so as not to get blow back around the case neck, the gain twist will allow the bullet to quickly proceed down the barrel, ( would there be a problem with the bullet entering the fastest twist after the peak of the preasure curve?) could Blue Dot be used to launch a 7mm Hormady 162g A-Max at sub-sonic velosities? Although the bullet is long it has minimal bearing surface for its weight/lenght and the twist was specially done to stabilize this lenght of bullet at this speed. Apreciate any feed back.
Old 09-28-2001, 01:55 PM
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Canadian Connection,
I would be careful running subsonic velocities.
I remember reading an article on running centrefires at sub velocities and they used lead bullets, not jacketed ones, it was something to do with jacketed bullets getting stuck in the barrel.
Can't help you much more but if I find the article I'll let you know more.
rgds UKF.
Old 09-28-2001, 06:16 PM
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Thanks, UK! I have never done any work with cartridges larger than .223 using BlueDot. I have received reports about using it in the 22-250 and 243, some with great results. But I'd be very hesitant about discussing any other cartridge.

However, I can report this: I have also done rather extensive work with RedDot in rifles. In ANY rifle of 30-caliber and up, and with normal bullet weights for the cartridge, 13.0 of RedDot makes a great low-velocity load. It will work with either cast or jacketed bullets, cast giving slightly higher velocities. Example: in my 308, 13.0 RedDot gives me 1650 fps with the Laser-Cast 170 cast bullet, and 1600 with mil surplus 147 FMJs.

I believe (again, haven't personally tried) that 13.0 of RedDot would be a good safe practice load in the 7 Mag, and that you could also use 13.0 of BlueDot in it. You could work up from there, to perhaps 19.0 or 20.0 of BlueDot (NOT RedDot). Or you could work DOWN to perhaps 8.0 of RedDot to get even lower velocities. But start at 13.0 either way.

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