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Old 03-12-2002, 12:27 PM
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Exclamation White Flyer vs Remington Blue Rock Targets. There is a difference!

Hi Guys, We just recieved shipment of our first load of Targets for this year. we have decided to go with White Flyer instead of Remington Targets. Reason being last year I had more broken targets out of the trap than ever before in the past 7 yrs shooting. We have always used Remington Blue Rock Targets. I was blaming our Pat Trap looking for something wrong with it. After checking everything twice and finding no probelms with the trap I changed brands of targets and I couldnt believe it not a single broken bird out of 40 rounds straight. I put Remington Targets Back on the trap new ones to boot and Bang every 8 to 10 targets thrown one would break . I cant help but believe that White Flyer makes a better target. The salesman that sold us our Pat Trap 7 yrs ago had told me this and untill now I thought he was full of crap. Not anymore.Any one else have this experience? Regards Roy
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Old 03-12-2002, 05:24 PM
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White Flyer is the industry standard to which most targets are measured. Remington and Champion are in the same category not the best targets IMHO.

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