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Old 04-23-2002, 09:08 PM
Digital Dick Digital Dick is offline
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Norma 205 history?

I had a can of N205. I used it up and have never found any more. Then along came Reloader 22. Does anyone know if this is the same powder in a new suit? It shoots, loads, and hits the same place as N205. It also gives the same velocitys over the graph with the same load density. Both powders like magnum primers in the larger cases I use. Pressure seems the same. Since I load mostly wildcats, there is no data for Reolader 22 but lots of old data for N205. Now, I won't just jump in and make an assumption that could blow a gun up next to my face. Any help would be appreciated.

Digital Dick
Avid handloader and ballistician.
Old 04-23-2002, 09:40 PM
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I have heard that R 22 is 205, but I'm pretty wary of such information.
I can see significant differences, sometimes, in cans of the same powder- different lots- made in the same year.
Think about the differences in 2 powders that MIGHT be the same, made 10 or 20 years apart...............
I suspect you could use the starting loads for 205 with R 22, but I'd proceed carefully from there. And, I'm not even sure of that, so, be careful.
Old 04-24-2002, 10:08 AM
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Norma 205 and Reloder 22 look the same, load the same, and shoot the same. Heck, they even taste the same. Draw your own conclusions.

Seriously, if they are different, it isn't enough of a difference to matter much. If you use "start" level loads and work up, you'll be fine with either. Any time you change lot numbers (new can), be sure to back off 5% with a few test loads and compare.

BTW, a really smart reloader would shoot a few loads that are deliberately 5% lower than his favorite and record all the pertinent data. That would be case volume filled, powder meter setting, average velocity, SD, group size, case expansion and/or other notes for that -5% load. That becomes your benchmark load for any future "new lot" testing. Then, when you retest with a new lot of components, you merely compare the old -5% with the new -5% load to know if the new lot changes anything. Smart.
Old 04-24-2002, 03:27 PM
srab srab is offline
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Interesting thread! I haven't been at this game long
enough to have had any experience with N-205, but
I've heard of countless times when magical velocities
were reached using N-205 in X-cartridge (I recall one
gentleman who swore that he routinely achieved
3100 fps with his 7x57s and 140 grain bullets...
using N-205)!

That said, A-Square's 'Any Shot You Want' reloading
manual states (pg. 274-275):

"For our European and African friends, who may have
difficulty locating the various powders, there is an
authorized substitution. Reloader [sic] -22 is exactly
the same thing as Norma-MRP. Reloader [sic] -19
is exactly the same thing as Norma-204. Reloader [sic]-
15 is exactly the same thing as Norma-203. These
powders come from exactly the same plant and are
made at exactly the same time. The powder from that
plant is simply shipped to a different place and is put
into a different pack."

The above struck me as a remarkably unambiguous
statement, given the litigious environment in which
we find ourselves. Are they wrong? Or, is N-205
actually N-MRP [which is actually RL-22]?
Old 04-24-2002, 04:01 PM
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Norma MRP replaced Norma 205 in the Norma powder line- the 2 are very comparable, if not exactly the same.
The info about Norma/Reloder powder is interesting. Makes you wonder what Reloder 25 is.......
Old 04-24-2002, 05:32 PM
Digital Dick Digital Dick is offline
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Myth or history?

A very good and old friend, now gone, sold me my first Gibbs rifle. It is a fine Mauser 98 Anshutz(spelling?) action fitted with a 27 inch .25 cal barrel and sporting a beautiful carved curly maple stock. This fine gentleman told of a German sniper powder that left absolutely NO puff of smoke and gave great ballistics in "overbore" cases. He claimed that N205 either was that powder or was a result of the science that made the German sniper powder.

I have found that this is the best powder, dressed up as Reloader 22, so far for my 6.5 Gibbs but that Winchester 785 is better for the 25 Gibbs.

Now I need a replacement for Win 785. . . . Any ideas??

Digital Dick
Avid handloader and ballistician.

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