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Old 11-20-2002, 07:52 PM
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Someone got a 36-point buck!

LANCASTER, Ky. -- When Ben Brogle bagged a deer, he wasn't ready for the attention he was going to get.

Word got around Garrard County, Ky., that Brogle had harvested a 36-point buck, and the crowds started arriving to see it.

It's supposed to take two months for Brogle to find out if the deer had a record-sized rack. Brogle says the deer's body wasn't record-setting, and was only 185 pounds, but the inside spread of the antlers measured 24 to 24.5 inches.

The official recordkeeper for big game hunters is the Boone and Crockett Club. Brogle has been told he must wait 60 days for the skull and antlers to dry before the antlers can be officially scored.

In the meantime, Brogle's own measurements, based on Internet instructions, show a score of 241 inches. That's well above the minimum non-typical score of 195 required for listing among Boone and Crockett's all-time records.

Copyright 2002 by The Associated Press.

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